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Chapter 12 | Finally


I see it…the GEH jet.  “Finally” I say, barely above a whisper.  Taylor looks straight ahead, but nods.

Once it’s safe on the tarmac, I actually run to the plane and up the steps.  I’m about to beat on the door when Natasha opens it and I see my baby.  She runs straight into my arms and I can’t help myself.  I kiss her forehead, her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her chin and oh, I save the best for last, I kiss her soft, plump, sexy lips.

We both groan in unison as I lick then pull her bottom lip between my teeth and bit down softly.  She gasps and I take full advantage of her open mouth as I slowly my tongue between her lips and pull her closer to me.  She tastes fucking heavenly.

One hand grazes down her body and I manage to stop myself at the small of her back and push her even closer to me, if that’s possible.  Having her body against mine, my cock begins to pound against my jeans.  I can’t control my hips as I grind into her.  All the while, her hands gently stoke my chest, my biceps, my shoulders then her fingers run through my hair pulling my face closer to hers.

“Ahem, good to see you again Mr. Grey.”

Huh?  What?  Oh shit…not now.  Don’t bother me.  The bed is so close.  We can just…

Anastasia breaks our kiss, so I say “Hello Stephen” without ever looking away from Ana’s crystal blue eyes.  “How was the flight?”  It’s pretty much a rote conversation.  Not only can I not hear but I don’t care about his response.

“Thank you Stephen.  See you next time.”

“Certainly Mr. Grey, Miss Steele.”  He smiles as he nods and returns to the cockpit.

“Come Anastasia.”  I take her hand and begin to lead her out of the plane.

“Oh wait, Miss Steele, you almost forgot your letter.”  Letter?  What letter?  We said no work.  What the fuck’s with a letter?

I raise my eyebrow and look at her quizzically.  She shrugs her shoulders and accepts the envelope from Natasha.  “I’ll take that, thank you.”  I say as a gently slide the letter out of Ana’s hand and tuck it into my jacket pocket then I lean in close to Ana and remind her,  “We said no business while you’re here and I’ve already been cheated due to the time change so, no…business…allowed.”  I kiss her on the tip of her nose.

She doesn’t argue with me, but Natasha goes on to explain that Ana did not bring this from the office.  The letter was delivered directly to the plane.  By this time, Stephen and his co-pilot have joined the conversation.  No one knows who sent the mystery correspondence.  “Thank you all.  Come Anastasia.”  Now I am pissed, but not at her.

When we reach my R8, I open her door and say, “I love you Baby.”  She lowers her gaze and blushes profusely.  I put two fingers underneath her chin to lift her head so I can see into those beautiful blue orbs.  “I’m here Baby.  Don’t look away.  Please don’t hide, not from me.  You’re finally here.  I can’t tell you how happy I am.  I’ve missed you so much Anastasia, so fucking much.”  I pull her into my arms again and told her…tightly.  She’s my life.

I lower my lips and brush them lightly against hers.  She sighs contently and it takes every ounce of control not to throw her on the hood of my car and take her right here, right now.  “You’re so beautiful Baby.  Let’s go home.


“I said count!”  I bellow at this sniveling idiot.

“Twenty-One!  Thank you Mistress.”  He is trying to placate me.  I told him to count and nothing more.  All he is doing is pissing me off.

“Twenty-two!  I submit all to you Mistress.”  He practically shrieks.  The lattice design on his back will bruise nicely.  He always turns a majestic purple when he bruises.  I love it.  Isaac is a fool, as far as men go.  For a submissive, he is not bad.  Of course no one compares to my powerhouse…my grey-eyed, favorite Pet.  My clit begins to tingle and throb just thinking about his tall, muscular physique between my legs as he drives himself into me.

“Count Isaac!”  I yell even louder.  Remembering how that mousey little gold-digger managed to contact my Pet, let alone go to him, pisses me off even more.

“Twenty-five…”  I can tell he is reaching his limit as he voice gets weaker and weaker.  Christian could withstand one hundred lashes with a whip.  Just the thought of the marks and bruises he left here wearing makes me drool to this very day.

They don’t make them like that anymore, do they Mistress?

I should say not.

Isaac groans on last time before passing out cold.

REALLY?  I mean REALLY Isaac?  Give me strength.  No, rewind that; give this weakling strength and stamina.

I grab the front of his hair to pull his head back off of the floor and caress his cheek, “Rest now dear boy” then I put my lips directly against his ear, “you will NEED it”  I growl.  I lick the shell of his ear and hear him groan again.  Shaking my head and stomping out of my Dungeon, I leave Isaac in a heap on the floor.

Pathetic excuse…

I stand, sipping a glass of Pinot Blanc looking onto the back yard of my home.  Although it did not all start here, my Pet and I had some wonderful “playdates” in this place.  I sigh to myself, “Why her Pet?  You can do so much better than her.”

I cannot believe this shit is still going on.  It has been almost three months since they made that ridiculous engagement announcement then just as suddenly as my Pet announced his intention then the mousy little gold-digging whore turned tail and ran from him.  He has held up well under the media scrutiny, but then he is a master at controlling his universe.  I was so hoping this time away from that…mistake…would give him cause to rethink things; rethink our relationship.  I would help him sow his wild oats.  Anyway, doesn’t’ out of sight mean out of mind?

I have tried to coax my Pet back to me, back to my Playroom.  He always plays hard to get, but I know his body so fucking well.  For whatever reason he tries to forget there was a time when I made him whimper with one stroke of my fingernail across his amazing pecs.  Fear of touch be damned!  I own my submissives and I owned him.  As his Domme I took liberties.  I touched him, stroked him and fucked him any way I pleased.  And he loved every fucking second of it.  I still know when his body is aching for its release, aching for the exquisite sensations we shared for so many years.  One hour in my Playroom is all it will take for my Pet to feel whole again.  I am all he needs.

I’m not arrogant enough to presume he would submit to me; that would be ludicrous.  No, I will place myself at his beautiful feet in total submission.  I know how to motivate him, to encourage him and to entice him into once again being the perfect Dom…for me alone.  His beautiful cock is simply wasting away trying to get off with, and now without, that plain old bookworm bitch.  How I long to slide my hand into his jeans and cup him tenderly just as I did when he was a virgin.  Pure, innocent, untouched and untouchable, that was my Pet and I owned him.

Now, I am reduced to the likes of weaklings and imbeciles with little to no control and inferior sexual prowess.  My Pet was a man even at fledgling age of 15.  I even knew that, under my guidance, he would become a Dom one day.  It was just a matter of time and with the right motivation it happened.  Yes, I remember well the punishments I gave him, and the rewards…it was pivotal.

Now he is wasting his life waiting for that pitiful excuse someone calls a woman.  I thought putting a wedge between them would be difficult.  If that stupid bitch would listen to my Pet even once, she would realize his security measures and monitoring are for a reason.  All I had to do was plant that slack-ass Isaac at the coffee shop up the street from Anastasia’s apartment and tell him to wait.  When I wanted him back in my Playroom I would station Patrick or Christopher in the coffee shop, those two are more like men than the world realizes.  At fifteen, they can each fuck like freight trains.  Neither of them will ever replace my Pet, but they are each a nice diversion.

My thirteen-year-old triplets, Michael, Logan and Nelson, are beautiful boys who simply monitored Miss High and Mighty and kept me up to date on her comings and goings.  They were able to get closer to the apartment and pick up the Wi-Fi signal more directly on their iPhones than Isaac could in the coffee shop, so he used their devices to complete his assignments.

The pièce de résistance is my angel, Zachary.  At the pristine age of twelve, Zachary can melt the hardest of hearts with one smile.  He would just hangout with a couple of his friends to take pictures of Miss Steele and my Pet if I desired.

My men brought back any information I required and Isaac laced the pictures, emails and texts with various viruses, Trojans and annoying malware.  It only took one of these things to allow me access to Anastasia’s computer and thus her connection to my Pet.

So many communications they missed from one another.  All it took was a tap on the screen for Isaac to delete all of the messages they would have shared.  While Isaac is not the consummate submissive, he is computer savvy and a bit of an anti-romantic.  He informed me the best way to control the situation was to allow them to send messages, allow the messages, in whatever format, to reach their destination then…delete, delete, delete.  Isaac would either delete things one-by-one from Anastasia’s computer or run a program he installed onto her laptop via his visceral computer gifts.  Each evening he used it as foreplay before meeting me in my Playroom or he used it to soothe his soul after a punishment session in my Dungeon.  Whatever works for him I do not care, as long as Steele stays away from my Pet.

For now, I sent my men home.  I rewarded each of them, in my own special way, for all of the hard work they did for their Mistress.  I sigh inwardly, strong, young, eager hands, muscular, resilient legs, demanding yet enthusiastic tongues and lips and thick, ripe cocks are wonderful things to have at your beck and call.

My Second rings the doorbell.  He knows the rules and observes them from the moment he crosses the line of my property.  He does not wait until he has entered my home or my Playroom.  I open the door to a beautiful, tall, muscular young man with light auburn hair and grey, my déjà vu, “Mistress.  Your desire was to see me.  I submit myself to you.”  His deep rich voice wafts through the air, music to my ears.

“Come in Christopher.  Yes, I do desire to see you.  Where is she?”  My Men have been keeping tabs on Miss Anastasia Rose Steele since the day after my Pet’s birthday party.  I must know every…little…thing about the fiasco people are confusing with a relationship between my Pet and that nobody.

My Second knows how to treat this situation.  “She boarded the GEH jet, alone, just before 7:00 PM departing for Australia.”

“DAMMIT!”  I yell.  I blame Isaac for this.  With a curt tone I tell my Second, “That will be all for now Christopher, I will call you when I feel it is necessary.”

As a true submissive should, Christopher nods his head once then turns to leave.  No words, no looks, he simply follows my instructions.  If all my submissives were like him, I would be in heaven.  Unlike my Pet, I can sense misbehavior.  It radiates off men so I instinctively know when a punishment is necessary.  Christopher has served me well and he will be rewarded…later…and so will I.

“Isaac let her get
to my Pet.  He will regret this.”  I snarl.


I climb into the driver’s side, pull Ana’s hand to my lips and kiss each individual knuckle before telling her, “I’m not angry with you Baby.  Please forgive my tone.  I’m so glad you are here.”  She surprises me by kissing my hand in return.  I smile at her, start the car and off we go.

I make a beeline from the tarmac to my house.  “Welcome home.”  I tell her with all sincerity.  Wherever I have a home, she has a home, regardless of our situation or relationship.

“Oh my God Christian, this is beautiful.”  Her eyes are wide.  What did she expect?  Has she forgotten how I do things?

“Thank you, but it’s not as beautiful as you.”  I take her hand and almost drag her inside.

I show her around the house making sure to embrace her and kiss those luscious lips in every room we enter.  She blushes every time, but I don’t care.  I fully intend to fuck her in every room on every possible surface in this place.  No matter how long it takes.

Let the festivities begin.

No doubt, but first, “Baby, are you hungry?”

She looks up at me through her thick brown lashes and says, “Not for food.”  My cock tingles again and I moan before grabbing her and attacking her mouth with mine.

“Mmm, soon Baby, very, very soon.  First we must eat.”  I kiss her again then usher her to the dining room.

After eating the wonderful dinner Mrs. Jones made for us, which could have waited as far as I am concerned.  I pick Ana up and carry her to the master bedroom.  It resembles our room at Escala.  The big differences are the view and now…we have neighbors.  I pull the privacy blinds then turn back to Ana.

She is looking down at her entwined fingers, sure sign something is wrong.  I don’t approach her right away.  I need to know what she is thinking first.  “Ana?”  She raises her eyes and there’s a pained look on her face.  “Ana, what’s wrong Baby?”  Please God, don’t let her regret coming here.  I’ve missed her so much.  Please don’t let her regret seeing me.

“We need to talk Christian.”  I begin walking over to her.  Her breathing speeds up and she turns that lovely shade of pink.

“Yes, we do need to talk.”  I say as I reach her.  I come to a stop directly in front of her.  I place a finger underneath her chin and raise her beautiful blues to meet my lonely grey ones.  “Must we talk now or may I make love to you first?  I’ve missed you so much Ana and it’s been too long.”

By now, my cock is throbbing in my fucking jeans.  I am surprised I have the strength to stand right now.  I can feel the ache in my stomach, running down the insides of my thighs and surrounding my balls.

God Ana, please…

She opens her mouth to speak, but I can’t wait anymore.  I pull her into my arms, gently brush my lips against hers and ask again, “May I make love to you first Ana…please?”  She groans her acceptance then grabs the back of my neck with both hands and pulls my lips to hers so she can thrust her tongue in my mouth, showing me how much she’s missed me all this time.  She missed me?  I thought she wanted to put us on hold.  I thought her career was more important right now.

So did she.  I think she has some making up she wants to do.

I hold her tightly, slide my hands slowly down her back so I can grab her ass and pull her onto my erection.  God she feels so fucking good, I have to be inside her.  I have to have her.  Suddenly, she pulls away from me with a look of shock on her face.  “Do you want me to stop Ana?  If you tell me to stop, I will.  We can talk…after, alright?”  She nods yes so I lift her up and she wraps her legs around my waist.

I kiss her cheek then her neck.  I nibble then suck gently on her earlobe and finally reach that soft spot behind her ear all the while walking us to the bed.  I stand her up beside the bed and turn her to face away from me so I can unzip her dress slowly and trail kisses down her spine all the way to the small of her back.  I push the dress off her shoulders letting it float gently from her body onto the floor.

I pull her to me again, her back to my front and slide my hands around to touch and rub the soft skin on her stomach.  As I move my hands up to her breast and bend over to whisper in her ear, “You are so beautiful Anastasia.  I’ve missed you so much.  The sound of your voice, the smell of your hair, the feel of your body against mine, I’ve missed you more than you can imagine.”

I knead her breast and pinch her nipples through the lace fabric of her bra, all the while placing kisses down her neck to her shoulder.  I bite her shoulder gently and squeeze her breast firmly.  My breath is coming in short pants and I feel like my cock is gonna explode.

“Anastasia, this isn’t going to take long baby.  I can’t hold on anymore.”  I bend her over then whisper in her ear, “We’ll go lingerie shopping for you tomorrow” before I rip her pretty, baby blue lace thong from her body.  I reach down and slide one finger up the back of her thigh, between her legs and into her core.  She dripping wet.  I move my finger in a circular motion, touching all of her walls.  My voice deepens and I growl, “So wet…is this all for me Baby?”  She groans and nods her head, unable to speak.  I push a second finger inside of her and massage them both against the front wall of her vagina.  She is so ready I can hear her pussy talking to me as her juices cover my fingers.  I yank down my jeans and boxers, finally setting myself free, then slowly, gently glide into her wonderland.

Ahhh…yesss…fuuuckkk!  Out-fucking-standing…

Once I’m fit snugly inside of her I hold her hips still to give my cock a chance to reacquaint himself with the feeling he’s fantasized about for so long.  I savor her warm, soft flesh around me, “Ana, you are so fucking wet Baby.  You feel like heaven.  It’s been so long.”  I can barely speak.  I drop my head back and feel her as I grind my pelvis against her ass, pushing myself further, deeper inside of her.

I slide out, all the way to the tip then slowly slide back inside of her again.  Ana drops her head forward, pushes her ass back against my dick then lets out a brassy moan.  “Oh…shit…Christian.  I’ve missed you Baby.  I’ve missed you sooo much.”

I can’t think any more.  I can’t talk anymore.  Hell, I can hardly breathe.  All I can do is slide in and out of her over and over again.  All I can do is pull her against me while I push my self deep into her magic place.  All I can do is grind against her and enjoy this moment.  It’s better than any of the dreams I‘ve had about our reunion.  “That’s right Baby, grind that sexy ass against me…” she pushes back meeting me stroke for stoke.  When I begin to feel her walls tighten around me, I slam into her then stop.

“CHRISTIAN, NO!”  She cries out.

“Not yet Baby…I need more of this.  I‘ve missed you.  I need to stay inside you…DEEP inside you for as long as I can.  You are so hot and tight and so fucking soft.”  I can’t get enough.

Slowly I start again, deep, long strokes.  I push as far into her as I can.  If I could tuck my fucking balls in her pussy you best believe I would.  It’s so fucking much deeper this way and I hate to pull out at all.  I slip out to the tip of my dick then repeat the process.  We manage to drag this out longer than I thought we would.  Suddenly, I feel her hand between my legs gently caressing my balls and it sets me off.  Gradually, my strokes become faster and harder.  I slide my hands up her sides, her back and rest them on her shoulders.

As I pound into her, I hold onto her shoulders and pull her back against me with each thrust.  She releases my balls and holds her upper body off of the bed using her strength to push back against me.  I hear my balls slapping against her ass and she is panting louder and louder.  Her walls are closing tighter than before sucking…no swallowing my dick.  It feels fucking amazing.  “That’s right Baby, squeeze me.  Tighten that deep-ass pussy on my cock.  Give it to me Baby.  We need this…come for me Ana.”  My strained voice manages to finish that sentence.

Those words set Ana off.  She throws her head back, pushes that glorious ass against me and her already tight pussy squeezes me even more.  I feel the waves of pleasure flow through her.  “CHRISTIAN!”  She screams.  The sound of my name on her lips is like having my own personal symphony.  After three more fabulous strokes I feel hot semen pour out of me and fill her pussy.

Oh…fucking hell…it’s about bloody time…ahhh shhhiiittt…

I can’t hold myself up.  My knees finally give way and I collapse on top of Ana on the bed.  After a few seconds I can move enough to roll over and pull her on top of me.  We take deep breaths to steady our heartbeats.  I can feel her break our precious connection when she turns over and kisses my chest.

I open my eyes and see a pair of gorgeous blue irises smiling back at me.  “I love you Christian.  I’ve missed you too.”  Slowly, a single tear flows down her cheek, “I’ll spend the rest of our lives making this up to you” she says.  When she kisses me again, I feel her possession.  She’s making me hers.  She missed me.  She wants to be with me.

All is right with the world again.

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