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Chapter 17 | Before the Storm?


“If that fucker thinks he’s welcome in this family…” Eran is so mad he can’t even finish his sentence. I’m in the backseat chucking to myself.

“Something funny Ella? Don’t worry, Everett will give that pretensions fucker what for. The bastard won’t know what hit him. Eran calls out to me from across the seat. I’m in shock.

What the fuck!

Everett isn’t going to hurt Christian. Christian’s family.

What the fuck is wrong with Eran?

Everett, Eran and Emerson all remember Aunt Ella and her relationship with Daddy. However, Everett was just as close to her as Daddy. I’m anxious to find out what went on between Evy and Christian too. I know, unless Christian got out of hand, it was an intense yet amicable pissing match, but that’s all.

“Ellie? Why are you so quiet? Surely you don’t hold well with that Grey fucker having anything to do with EB…do you?” Eran gives me a quick look in the rearview mirror and I explode.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Is that all you care about? You both remember Aunt Ella. Don’t you care about what happened to her…to her son? Don’t you give a fuck about what this means to Daddy and Granddad? What it means to Everett. Mio Dio, you have the nerve to refer to Granddad as an asshole. I guess all that running away really did erase your memories?” I can hardly catch my breath.

In a condescending tone Eran says to me “We were there Ella, you weren’t. We saw everything, up close and personal, so don’t try that guilt trip shit because it won’t work. We can comment on anything in anyway we see fit, especially when it comes to this fiasco so just piss off.” Once again, my older brother has managed to shock the shit out of me. He remembers being there, he remembers what happened then why in the Hell is he behaving this way? I’m speechless.

Let Everett deal with these idiots. Don’t waste your energy.

You’re right, I have Liam Jared Beckett to attend to.


What the fuck was Liam thinking? He’s the one who said to give Christian time, so why did Liam approach Christian?

We pull into the driveway of the Family Home and Eran parks the car. Unfortunately, this conversation just gets better and better as we continue into the house and stop in the foyer.  Finally finding his voice and speaking up, Emerson The Peacekeeper chirps a weak-ass statement, “Leave her alone Eran, she sees the best in everyone.” Emerson looks down at me with sympathy in his eyes. He tries to maintain a sense of calm when we begin to argue among ourselves. Ironic, because he can fight with the best of them and win, hands down. He’s even knocked Everett on his ass a few times.

Before parting ways, Eran seals his fate. The fool doesn’t have the decency to lower his voice, “It’ll be her downfall one day. Ev’ll beat that son of a bi…” that’s as far as he got. None of us knew what was happening, until it was too late.

From behind, Everett wrapped his hand around Eran’s throat and simply began to squeeze. Everett’s voice was crisp, quiet and daunting as he hissed almost directly in our brother’s ear, “I know more about this subject than any of you and I’m telling you that son of a bitch is our aunt’s only child.  Our only cousin.  And you will respect her memory and her son as you do every other member of this family. Do you…fucking…understand me…Eran Rockhold-Brown?”

Eran’s face was turning dark red and his eyes were starting to close. I have to stop this. “Ev,” my voice sounds desperate, even to my own ears, “please Everett, listen to me.” Everett’s eyes slowly move in my direction and I immediately start to ramble. “Everett, please. I love Aunt Ellie too Everett you know that. Eran just ran his mouth without thinking. You know how Eran and Emerson are Everett.” From the corner of my eye, I can see Emerson’s facial expression change and his mouth drop open. I know he hasn’t said anything hurtful, but he sure as Hell hasn’t been helpful in this situation. “Please let Eran go Everett. Please.” While I agree Eran deserves to have his ass beat over this scene, Everett needs to calm down and rethink this course of action.

We’re all so engrossed in the outburst unfolding in front of us, we don’t see Daddy and Granddad enter the foyer. Daddy’s words were spoken softly, but that didn’t diminish their strength. Daddy moves to stand directly next to Everett, “Son, let your brother go. There has been enough violence throughout this situation, we do not need any more.” Everett’s only response to our father’s command is the lone tear I see escape from his eye. Daddy speaks again, a little softer this time, “Let him go Everett.”

Staring at the figure of our quickly fading brother Everett sobs, “He called Aunt Ellie a…” Everett’s voice sounds like that of a five year old and the sadness in his eyes is breaking my heart.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and strong arms encircle me, “Love,” Liam speaks just above a whisper in my ear, “come with me. Let your father and brothers work this out among themselves.”

I shake my head. I can’t leave them like this, “Liam…”

“Hush, come with me Love.” He says as he gently moves me away from the three generations of Brown men. The last thing I see is the look of pain in my eldest brother’s eyes and my father gently prodding him to release the object of his ire.

Liam stayed with me while my father coaxed Everett’s hands from around Eran’s throat. I’ve never seen Everett this emphatic about anything or anyone…other than Christopher. Pointing in the direction of Eran’s room Everett announces “That fucker needs to learn respect. If you or Granddad won’t teach him, I WILL!” He snarled the last two words.

Scrubbing his hand over his face, Daddy attempts to remind Everett, “Son, you know how Eran and Emerson are. They turned a blind eye to this situation for years. Your relationship with Ella and Christian was different from theirs. Just as their experiences during that time were different from your own.” Dad has tried to calm Ev down for the past hour to no avail. The only thing our father managed to achieve was to stop Ev, and then Granddad, from murdering Eran.

“You have to accept their coping mechanism, such that it is.” Daddy lost some of his conviction at the end of that statement. My brothers way of coping is to cop-out. They’ll laugh and joke and breeze past a family issue. There always seems to be something or someone more important. “They’re the same boys they’ve always been Everett. They haven’t changed.” I know Daddy’s not happy about that fact either.

Had he remained silent I would’ve forgotten his presence, but Liam Jared Beckett, once again, couldn’t leave well-enough alone, “If that dumb-ass brother of yours would keep his mouth shut he…”

I shoot Liam a glare blazing with rage. I step directly in front of him and poke my finger in his chest. The bastard is a foot or foot and a half taller than me, but I don’t give a fuck. I can still take his ass down. The bigger they are is my golden rule. “You started this shit”, I yell at him. “I told you to…leave…my…cousin…alone…damn you. Why the fuck did you…”

Little did I know there was an ulterior motive in tonight’s performance. From out of no where, Granddad bellows, “ELLA, ENOUGH!” I turn my attention toward the echoing sound.

I though he’d gone to bed.

So much for formalities when speaking in front of Granddad.

“I asked Liam to approach Christian.” My mouth drops open. There’s astonishment engraved on my face.

What the fuck!?

Ignoring my reaction Granddad looks past me to Liam as he says, “Thank you Liam, you did exactly what I asked you to do. I appreciate your assistance.” Liam nods, acknowledging my grandfather’s remark, but he never takes his eyes off of me.

Still gaping at my grandfather, my eyes are wide and I have to shake my head to try to clear the confusion from my mind.

We’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.

What the fuck is going on around here?

Standing tall and embolden with anger I announce “I want a Family Meeting and I want it NOW! I also want HIM,” I point directly at Liam “included.”

Now, anyone can call a Family Meeting. When it’s called all are to attend, it’s non-negotiable. The use of Skype and/or FaceTime are acceptable when one is out of town or overseas.  In the event you are technologically challenged you may, possibly be excused. However, it’s easier to get an Act of Parliament than to be allowed to miss a Family Meeting.

As adolescents and younger adults, Eran and Emerson had an uncanny knack for disappearing when “shit-uations”, as they affectionately referred to struggle and strife in our family, edged toward Family Meeting status, enabling those two to miss almost every single meeting.

I remember Daddy and Everett telling me how Eran was hiding out trying to devise a plan of escape, but Emerson told Granddad what Eran was up to so Granddad sent some of his security detail go and round Eran up. Apparently Emerson was pissed because his internal radar failed and he had to be at the meeting. When Eran arrived, it was a knock down drag out between he and Emerson before the meeting could begin, all because neither brother wanted to attend.

“Ahem, you’ll have to call Grey too, won’t you?” Eran quips upon making his return.

I guess near strangulation isn’t incentive enough to keep his fucking mouth shut.

Further antagonizing me, Granddad chuckles, “Yes she does and yes, she will contact him if she is serious about this meeting.” Granddad’s smile, a testament to his disbelief in my sincerity, is pushing the wrong fucking buttons tonight.

I pull out my iPhone and instruct Siri to “Call Christian.”

Siri’s male voice responds, “Calling Christian Grey.”


“Grey!” He snarls.

He must have looked at the Caller ID.

There’s no fucking way in Hell he wants to hear from any of you.

Like I don’t fucking know this already.

As quickly as I can, I announce myself, “Grey, it’s Ella…”

He cuts me off, as I knew he would “What the fuck do…”

There’s no way he gets to control this conversation, “Shut the fuck up and listen you prick!” Suddenly, there’s silence on his end of the line. No doubt he’s staggered at my address. We’ve never been this pissed at one another.

“I’m calling to notify you about a Family Meeting and…”

Sounding like Granddad, Christian barks, “I’m not your fam…” He should really save his breath.

I’m in control here, fucker.

“Like it or not, you pompous ass, you are a member of this family. Rule One, when a Family Meeting is called all must attend. Exceptions are made for childbirth and death, your own mind you. You.  Will.  Attend.  GREY!”

“This is new to you, I understand, and tempers have gotten out of hand so I’ll be lenient and give you 24 hours to make your arrangements. We will meet at the Family Home in the Great Room, 7:00 PM sharp. I don’t abide by tardiness. And, as wonderful as she is, Anastasia is not eligible to attend this meeting. Get it?” He hasn’t gotten a word in edgewise. I’m actually surprised he’s been quiet this long.

“ANSWER ME!” I growl. I don’t like being ignored.

With a cold, distant sound Christian tries to brush me off, “I’ll check my cal…”

“No…the fuck…you won’t! You’ll attend or you’ll regret it.” I’m pissed, out of breath and panting so hard I’m almost hyperventilating.

“Give me that.” Everett snatches the phone out of my hands while Liam gathers me in his arms, trying to calm my nerves. Not one to mince words, Everett roars “COUSIN! Have your ass here in 24 hours!” Just like that, he ends the call and nods at me as if to say, ‘Done’.

Times like these, you need a good old-fashioned landline. Nothing like slamming the phone down so it rings in the other guy’s ear.

So true…technology ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Ev’s voice immediately calms as he lifts my chin and tells me, “He’ll be here Ellie. He’s too fucking obstinate not to come.” I nod absentmindedly, not really certain what I’m agreeing to.

Liam then speaks up, “Love, are you going to be alright?” Liam always worries about me. He remembers my Aunt Ella as well, so he understands the stress level involved in any discussion about her. Sometimes I get jealous at how vividly he can recall her when he tells me tales from his youth. Again, I nod.

No further words are spoken in the Family Home. I believe we’ve all had quite enough excitement for one year, let alone one evening. We knew telling Christian we are related would cause difficulty, but good Lord who the fuck knew it would be like this?


Who does that little bitch think she’s talking to? And that brother of hers can kiss my ass! I stand silent, glaring at the phone after Everett Brown hung up on me.


What in the name of all evil do you fucking want?

Don’t call her a bitch.

WHAT? Whose side are you on?

I’m on the side of right, damn you. The girl has been your friend. She’s looked out for you and protected you when Ana wasn’t here to do so.

I’m silent. I know he’s right…and I fucking hate it.

Cat got your tongue Grey? No smartass, witty retort for that one, huh?

Well she…they…they all…

Lied? Is that the word you’re looking for?

Yes mutherfuck…

Shut…UP! I’ve had enough of your talking, just listen.


Fuck you very much. She took the time to get to know you. She took the time to tell you about herself and her family. She took the time to introduce you to your surroundings, to make you feel at home. She listened when you whined about Ana not being here and, as I recall, she scared off a few nightmares by taking your 2:00 AM phone call and talking to you…all fucking night long.

No, she didn’t tell you she was your family. Would you have let her get this close to you if she had?


I said, shut the fuck up! No! You would’ve cut her off like a gangrenous appendage and continued on your sullen and depressed way. I can’t say it enough Grey, she was your friend who turned out to be your family. She hasn’t done anything to you. She’s been there for you and taught your stupid ass a few things about interacting with other humans. Remember?

I smile inwardly as I think back on the rollerblading, surfing and her cussing me out for my temper tantrums then acting like nothing ever happened, once I calmed down.

You don’t know anything about your birth mother other than the fact that she was strung out on drugs, a prostitute and didn’t provide for you. You have no idea what was going through her mind, what was happening to her heart or her soul. You don’t know where she came from, what her dreams were or how she truly felt about you. You don’t know anything, yet to you, she’s better off dead and anyone who has anything to do with her is innately vile and disgusting.

You have nightmares, reliving your worse experiences going back in time night after night. Why the fuck can’t you move forward? They’re rich. They don’t want your precious, fucking money. They have plenty money of there own.  They haven’t bothered you since you stormed out of their home, other than to advise you of a meeting. They’re your BLOOD, dammit! Does that really mean nothing to you? REALLY?

I have Mom, Dad and…

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know the spiel, ‘I have a family. I have a brother and a sister and two loving parents. I’m not interested in extending my family beyond that.’ What-the-fuck-ever prick. You told Steele that shit during your interview then you fell in love with her…and look at you now.

When are we going back to Seattle because if all you’re going to do is run from the unknown then what’s the point of being here? Go back to your ‘perfect family’ and forget this place and these people, but let me tell you, I don’t want to have one nightmare, not one ‘what if’ thought, not one ‘I wish I had’ reverie. When one of these people is hurt, gets sick or, as they age, die I don’t want to feel even a pang of anything or I’LL be your END! Think about that…fucker.

“I will.” I mutter to myself.

“Christian? Are you ok Baby?” I’m sitting in the living room staring at the Great Barrier Reef, through the floor to ceiling window. I can’t see a thing. I’m lost. I’m at my own crossroad and I have no fucking idea which way to turn.

I look over my shoulder and at Ana, standing in the doorway, with what I know is fear in my eyes. I whisper, “Ana…” She slowly approaches me and sits on my lap. I immediately wrap my arms around her waist and pull her close to me. I nuzzle her neck, breathing in her sweet, calming scent.

She puts one arm around my shoulder and runs her fingers through my hair. She whispers, “Do you want to talk to me or would you rather call Fl…”

I raise my head and cut her off immediately. Looking into her blue orbs with desperation I say, “No! Not him! I’m not calling him! No!” I shake my head to emphasize my statements. Talking to Flynn is like admitting defeat somehow. I’ve been doing just fine. All I wanted was for Ana to be with me. Why is that too much to ask? I was happy before…before…I don’t even remember what happened to burst my bubble, but the free feeling I’ve had since I got here is gone. I need to tell Ana, not Flynn.

“Baby, I can’t talk to Flynn.”

“Why not Christian? He’s there to help you.”

“I’ll rephrase that. I don’t want to talk to Flynn. I don’t want his help. All I’ve wanted since I came overseas was for you to be with me. I wanted to be free from Seattle, free from security, free from Elena and…free from my family, I guess.” I shrug a shoulder. “I know that sounds bad, except for the Elena part.” She smirks at me.

I go back to nuzzling her neck and kissing that secret spot behind her ear, “I feel like the weight of the world is weighing on my shoulders again and I don’t like it. I want to be free.”

Free from what is the question.

She turns and kissed my forehead then coaxes me from my hiding place.  Seeing the glass as half full, Ana points out, “Well, Taylor’s not here so there goes your security problem. The Bitch-Troll isn’t welcome so that’s a done deal. Your family… that’s another story.” She raises a finely plucked eyebrow at me, still with a smirk on her face.

“We all know Karma is a bitch and being the shrewd business man you are I’m certain you remember, you’re only as good as you are specific. You said get away from your family, you didn’t specify what family and it’s too late to amend your request.”

Smart ass.

Once again, I go back to my hiding place, kiss Ana’s neck and make a point of my own, “Well, family is what you make it and right now, you’re all the family I want.” I slide my hand up her back and tangle my fingers in her hair effectively controlling her head. I finally raise my head and pull her face to mine so I can first kiss the tip of her nose, then her forehead then, her beautiful, soft lips. I’m rewarded with a growl coming from her chest as her eyes close and her breathing quickens.

“I want you Ana.” I whisper against her lips. “I want to feel your body underneath me.” I say as I kiss her neck. “I want to feel your legs around my waist, on my shoulders, straddled across my hips.” I softly bite her collarbone and glide my tongue to the other side of her neck. “I want to feel your bare breasts against my bare chest, your delicate fingers in my hair, your petite hands on my back and on my ass pushing me, forcing me deeper inside you.” She stunned into silence, so I continue.

“I want to lick your pretty, pink nipples then close my lips and suck on them one at a time, gently at first then harder and harder.” I lick the shell of her ear. “I want to nibble on each one then bite each one.” I tell her as I trail kisses to her temple. “I want to kiss my way from your breasts to your navel,” I whisper as I slowly kiss my way back to her mouth, “so I can run my tongue around inside of it. I want to follow your trail of love and lick you from your navel to your core, circle my tongue around your clit until you’re right on the edge of a climax then blow gently on it to bring you back down. I want to blow your mind and hear you scream my name Baby.” She’s breathing hard and so am I.

“Ana, do you want that too Baby?” She doesn’t open her eyes, she just nods slowly and pants in my ear.

I stand, with her in my arms.  In a slow, deliberate pace I walk to our bedroom and gently lay her down on the four-poster bed. She opens her mouth to speak, but I stop her with a finger to her lips. “Shh…Baby…hush. I want to talk to you, make love to you and fuck you all night long. Please just listen to me. Will you do that?” She closes her mouth and kisses my finger then licks it up one side and down the other. Finally she takes my finger in her mouth and begins to suck…hard. “Yes Baby, I like that very much. I have other things you can suck on tonight, if you want.” Still sucking on my finger, she looks up at me, a lascivious grin raises the corners of her mouth.

And so the evening goes.  Once we’re both naked, I go about doing all the things I told Ana I wanted to do to her and a few things I didn’t mention. When we’re finally sated, we snuggle and in our post-coital state we talked all night, some with words, some without words, but all with love.

When I woke up the next morning, Ana was lying on her stomach, eyes closed facing me. I rolled over on top of her sleeping body, her back to my front and slid my arms around her waist, my hands sliding up her belly to her chest stopping at their ultimate goal…her lovely, full breasts.

She wiggled and smiled beneath me as I began to slowly spread her legs apart with my knees until I could feel my cock slide down her back, over her butt cheeks and come to rest in the spot between her ass and her core. “Mmm,” I hummed in her ear, “you feel soft and warm..” I kiss the nape of her neck “…and warm and soft” I press my pelvis against her butt my cock moving closer to her slit. She smiled as I did this over and over again, my cock sliding, searching, stretching to reach its goal.

I kissed the sweet spot behind her ear and felt the first trickle of juice slide from her pussy onto my cock and drip off the end. Her lower lips began to twitch, begging for my attention

Not yet Baby.

I tighten my arms around her waist, grinding my dick further. If only she were ready. I’d love to claim her ass right now. She arched her back, opening her legs even more and raising herself to tempt me inside.  Her warm wetness running freely onto my growing erection. “Mmm Baby, so plump and juicy…is all this for me?” She begins to answer, but I pinch her nipples hard, warning her not to speak.

“Uh uh, uh Baby, remember? This is my time to talk. You listen and respond…with this luscious body of yours.” I slide one hand off of her breast to grab hold of my cock. As I rub the tip between her lower lips and around the entrance to her wonderland we hear the unmistakable kiss, between my cock and her cunt. “Aw fuck.” I hiss not able to resist her any longer. “Lift your fabulous ass in the air.  Press your ass against me. Grind on me Baby…aw fuck…yesss.”

Without further notice I slowly slide my rock-hard cock into her pussy. The more I give her, the more she wants. Her pussy contracting and relaxing, sucking and swallowing my cock then twitching as if begging for more and I have more than enough fulfill her needs. “There’s a greedy little kitten between your legs Baby.  Is she still hungry? My Ana nods quickly so I tell her, “Get up on all fours Baby. I’ll give her what she really wants.”

She does as I say and I do as I promised. All at once, I began to pound into her from behind. I leaned forward to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples. I slid my tongue up her spine and bury my throbbing cock deeper and deeper inside her core. Our lovemaking evolved into something turbulent…primal.  I slapped her right butt cheek, “You’re mine Anastasia. Don’t ever forget that. This”, I palm her mons and slide my index finger over her clit, “is mine as well. No one else will ever have you Anastasia. No other man will ever see what I’ve seen, touch you where I’ve touched you or be where I’ve been. You’re mine in every single way.”

I move my hands to her hips and hold her firmly in place then I pump into her harder…faster…deeper…deeper…the sound of my balls slapping against her ass as I fuck her is music to my ears. “I love you Anastasia…I love you. I want to…I need to…get lost inside you Ana. Please, I…ah…oh fuck your pussy is so…fucking…tight. That’s right Baby…grind on me…fuck me back…ah, ah…ahhh.”

I’m in Heaven. All thoughts are gone. Ana’s pussy surrounds me, hot, soft and wet…her ass pressed against my groin. Her soft, silky skin against my body. I hold her waist tighter, if that’s even possible, hang my head back and fuck her with abandon. Panting, pumping, sweat pouring down my chest. I fuck her for as long as I can…then…her body begins to tremble, her pussy gets tighter and I know my time in paradise is almost over. The changes in her body cause mine to respond as well and my balls tighten more and more.

I lean across her back, swivel my hips and kiss her shoulder then whisper in her ear, “Come for me Baby.  Give what I need.” My Ana makes no noise. She takes a deep breath then her pussy clamps down on my cock to suck out every drop of cum I have. I pump into her four more times before I still and wordlessly, find my release then collapse on top of her.

I roll off of her onto my side of the bed, taking her with me, her back to my front, my manhood still buried in his happy place. “Oh God, thank you Baby…thank you.” I repeat I don’t know how many times as I kiss the back of her head, her neck, her shoulder and hold her tightly against me.

When she finally speaks, the words make my heart melt, “I love you Christian. I love you.”

Sometime around early afternoon we get out of bed. I barely make it into the shower when I hear, “Courier.”

“I’ll get it.” Ana yells to me.

“Thank you Baby.” I yell back.

Never would’ve done that at Escala would you?

No, we wouldn’t. What’s your point? I thought you were gonna leave me alone.

My point is, life is normal here, where life in Seattle is…melodramatic isn’t a strong enough word…histrionic is closer… I’ll think about it and get back to you. Anywho, life here is better than anything Seattle has to offer and you know it.

Are you finished?

Sigh.  Yes fucker I’m…

I mean for REAL because I’m sick of this subject. It’s gotten OLD.

FINE! Ruin everything! Go right ahead, but don’t cry to me when your shit soup is served piping hot…just like you like it.

Fuck you.

No thanks!

The nervousness in Ana’s voice pulls me out of my internal battle of wills, “Christian, I signed for your package. It’s from Seattle.”

“It should be documents from Dad Baby, that’s all. Nothing to worry about.” I sound nervous too.

“Ok…well…it’s laying on the breakfast bar. I’m going to do some job hunting. Do you mind if I use your computer?”

“Not at all Baby. What happened to yours?”

“Taylor still has it.” Oh fuck. I completely forgot about the virus on her laptop and Blackberry.

“We’ll see about getting you a new one today. Go ahead and get mine out of my office.”

“Thank you…Love.” She giggles as I hear her move away from the bathroom door.


Who’d of thought you could put Christian Grey and the word normal in the same sentence? I like it. I’m not ready to give up our little slice of heaven, especially not for some stupid shit.

Don’t start none Grey, there won’t be none.

Yeah, yeah yeah…I know.

After a nice long, hot, contemplative shower where I argued with myself about all things Brown related…

Hee, hee, hee..pun intended.


Ana and I enjoyed the lovely brunch she made.  “Damn Baby, you did it again.” I smile as I sit back and relish the last bites of my Greek Omelet and the last sip of my Single Estate Chardonnay Cava.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. As much as I miss Gail and Taylor, I can’t say I don’t like having you all to myself. This is how we should be living Christian.” She hops down off the breakfast bar stool and moves to stand between my legs. “Baby, I want to be the one who takes care of you. I want to be the one who cooks, I want us to share cleaning duties because I don’t want you to get out of practice and I want us both to have careers.”  Oh good Lord in Heaven not this shit again. Can’t we ever get away from this job bullshit?

At this point, she can go flip burgers as Mickey D’s Grey. Give me a fucking break already.

I groan at the thought of this conversation. “Christian stop, you have to let me finish.” I sigh, put my arms around her waist and pull her to me.

I look her straight in her beautiful baby blues, there’s some apprehension there and I can’t figure out why “Ok Baby, the floor is yours.”

She clears her throat, determination evident in her posture.

She’s got this deal prepared Grey, be careful. Listen closely.

“Ahem…I looked at the websites Mr. Brown suggested,” I frown, as she hurries on, “the writer’s and publisher’s centre has some wonderful ideas. Like Mr. Brown said…” I zone out again at the sound of his name. She can work anywhere she likes and if there are publishing opportunities here, all the better, but why does she have to listen to him?

Cool it Grey. The man gave her some job ideas and she looked into them, that’s all. Fortunately they panned out and she’s interested in staying. Now fucking focus!

“…Isn’t that great?” She has a proud smile on her face when she finishes and I realize I missed something big.


I try to save face, “You can do anything you want to do, you know that. I have faith in your abilities Ana.”

I smile and lean forward to kiss her forehead, but she leans back away from me and asks, “Did you even hear me Christian?” I freeze.

WOO HOO! Didn’t take a Harvard degree to see you missed that one. HA! I love this girl. You lose her fucker and I’ll never let you live it down.

Never let ‘em see you sweat. I tell her the truth, “I heard you say you looked into the job opportunities that old-ass son of a bitch suggested, if that’s what you mean.” I didn’t realize until I saw the astonishment on her face that I was angry. “You’ll have to excuse me if I’m not particularly enamored with anything remotely associated with them Ana.

“Well, what I said was that I applied for a work Visa as well as the Townsville Writers and Publisher’s Centre Director position. I’m waiting to hear from them both. I also looked into the Writers in Townsville Society to see how I can help encourage aspiring writers along the way.” It seems as though she’s settling in, that’s a good thing.

Then she quickly rains on the parade, “Mr. Brown didn’t do anything bad Christian. He gave me some suggestions and let me take it from there. I could’ve easily ignored him.”

“I wish you had.” I mutter quietly or so I thought.

A flash of anger immediately blazes across her face and remains in her eyes, “Dammit Christian! Why in the fuck do you hate people who love you? You do it all the time. Why do you constantly find fault with people who want you in their lives? Please explain that to me because I’m at a loss to understand you.” She steps back and crosses her arms under her breasts.

No use in looking at the girls Grey, they’re not gonna get you out of this conversation.

I know…fuck.

“Ana, what do you want from me? They lied. They didn’t tell me who they were. She led me to believe we were friends. What do you expect from me?” I run my fingers through my hair.

‘How did anyone lie to you Christian? How did Ella lie? What have they done that was unfriendly toward you? You told me yourself Ella showed you around town, she listened to you, supported your desire to rid the Earth of that vile thing posing as a human being. So what did she do that was so despicable?” Before I have an opportunity to respond she continues making her point.

“Had she attacked you in the street saying ‘Oh, you’re my long-lost cousin’ would you have believed her?” I frown again. “No, you wouldn’t. You would’ve closed yourself off and gone all Fifty Shades on this beautiful town. You would’ve sacrificed all the peace and normality you achieved without giving it another thought.” What the…

Listen up Grey. She’s not pulling any punches.

“Instead, Ella Brown supported you in your emotional time of need. It’s what a friend does Christian. It’s what Kate does for me, when she’s not running her big mouth…”

Oh no, not her.

“Don’t even drag her into this conversation Ana,” I’m begging her, “please don’t.” I can’t deal with the thought of that bitch. Secretly I hope Elliott sees her true colors and makes a break for daylight.

Crazier things have happened.

“I’m just trying to put things in perspective Christian. Ella was…is…your friend. It’s just icing on the cake that she’s your family too. You told me how awful her brothers have been toward you, but it looks like that’s changing as well…provided you accept it.” Again, she finishes her monologue with a raised eyebrow.

Why does she love challenging me?

She knows the way to your heart. She knows the way to motivate your sorry ass. You say it all the time, you’re always up for a challenge.

Shut up you.

Without acknowledging her statements, I take my eyes off of her and visually scan the room.  “Where’s that package from Dad?”  Yes I’m changing the subject.

Her shoulders droop and her arms fall to her sides as she sighs.  “It’s in your office. I laid it on your desk along with the mystery letter. Will you let me know what’s in the letter, since it was addressed to me?”

“I’ll do better than that Baby. Would you mind terribly if I bring that shit out here and we go through all of it together?” The astonishment is loud and clear on her face. “Yep, we’re in this together Love.  New leaves turning over and all that jazz. Let’s start all over again, the way it should be. What’dya say?” Now it’s my turn to drop the gauntlet.

Rubbing her hands together she says, “I’m always up for a challenge Mr. Grey. Let’s get started.”

I retrieve the letter and the package from my study. We clear space on the dining room table and set to work reading the copious amount of information from my father.

Mio Dio
My God